In one step our Local Carrier Connectivity platform connects your TMS to every carrier in your network—from the first-mile to the last-mile. 

Automate everything: Less paperwork, more accurate shipment data, fewer phone calls


Local Carrier Connectivity from Banyan fixes the two hardest parts of building an efficient last-mile for 3PLs and Shippers.


Communicating shipment details: Local Carrier Connectivity creates an electronic connection between your TMS and all your last-mile carriers. It just works. Shipment data can now move seamlessy from your system to theirs—and back.

Finding new last-mile carriers: Our network of connections includes 100's of last-mile carriers covering every U.S. market. We're not a broker nor an agent—so we'll make the introductions where you need them, and you'll negotiate your best rates. 

With Local Carrier Connectivity everything is quick (including the setup):

Don't let a weak last-mile delivery network hold your company back. 

Local Carrier Connectivity works because it connects your end-to-end delivery operation. Your first- and last-mile carrier partners are integrated seamlessly with your current network, so data and shipments move faster. Finding and adding new carriers as your needs change is simple too.