The State of Freight: Why Technology is Essential to Your Success

The logistics industry is in the midst of a barrage of technology and innovations. One of the freight industry's trailblazers leads this webinar that explores recent technological advances and examples of successful tech adoptions.

Download now to examine:

  • The technology that the freight industry is adopting today 
  • The technology on the horizon like blockchain, dynamic pricing, and drone delivery
  • How your peers are utilizing technology for future successes
  • How to stay one step ahead of your competition

Technology is crucial for taking your business's performance to the next level. Learn what it takes by downloading this essential webinar. 

SPEAKER: Lance Healy, Banyan Technology

Lance Healy is the Chief Innovation Officer of Banyan Technology, as well as one of its founders. Lance is responsible for strategic partnerships as well as directing the next innovations Banyan will introduce to the market. As Banyan’s initial user, Lance served in many roles during the organization’s formation. Lance brings more than 15 years of experience in live carrier connectivity, and is a frequent speaker and thought leader at industry conferences.  

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