LTL Carrier Negotiations Guide: What You Need to Know to Maximize Your Results

Negotiating contract pricing with your LTL carriers can be dauting, but it does not have to be if you are fully prepared. 

The goal of all freight-pricing negotiations is to create a mutually beneficial relationship that is sustainable. To do that, 3PLs and shippers must enter the negotiating talks with as much data as possible. This will ensure that you source LTL carriers that offer great service for your freight, your customers and your suppliers at a fair market value.  

In this guide, we help walk you through how to incorporate technology to aid in the process. You will learn how to maximize your results and prepare for negotiating contract pricing with your preferred carriers, including useful information about:

  • Types of LTL Contracts
  • Challenges 3PLs/Shippers Face in Carrier Negotiations
  • Strategies for Improving Negotiations
  • How Technology Can Improve the Negotiation Process