Mapping a Path to Success

Helping 3PLs Increase the Bottom Line

Arguably, the most critical piece when planning a cross-country road trip is mapping out the drive. Years ago, people relied on paper maps or printed TripTiks from AAA to determine the route they should take to get from point A to point B. Today, there is digital mapping technology that can help decide the best route based on distance, toll cost, landmarks, etc.

Similarly, in the supply chain, many 3PL clients still depend on dated methods for obtaining carrier rates, lane availability and scheduling. Printed documents, rate tables, email transactions, and spreadsheets are still being utilized to drive a rate and book a transaction. To effectively plan for the challenges facing the current supply chain environment that will continue into the upcoming year, 3PLs need to encourage their clients to embrace advances in technology, particularly APIs, to help navigate the ever-changing freight procurement landscape.

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